TOTAL SYSTEM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) works for thorough compliance with laws and promotion of corporate ethics. We fully recognize that protection of personal information is of great importance and companies are socially responsible therefor. We have developed our privacy policy as described below.

Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information
The Company shall handle personal information of our customers (hereinafter “Personal Information”) in a proper manner.

Purposes of Use
The Company shall obtain Personal Information for the purpose of replying to your inquiries about our company, our products and carrier opportunities information.
The Company shall comply with applicable laws and regulations in relation to Personal Information which The Company owns, and review and revise our privacy policy described herein appropriately.

Non-Disclosure to Third Parties
The Company shall not disclose Personal Information to a third party without prior consent from the customer; provided, however, that this shall not apply to the matters listed in the following items and The Company can disclose Personal Information without prior consent from the customer:
(1) The Company is required to disclose Personal Information under the law;
(2) The Company has decided that Personal Information should be disclosed in order to protect the right, interest and credibility of our other customer(s) or a third party; or
(3) The customer has given consent to disclose their Personal Information prior to the disclosure

Logging and Cookie
“Cookie” is information transferred to the website users’ computer hard disks using the computer industry’s standard technology called “Cookie” for the purpose of recording and storing information. The IP addresses of our customers recorded on the access log shall be used mainly for the following purposes. Please note that it is not possible for The Company to identify individuals from the IP addresses recorded on the access log.

1(1) To identify the cause of a problem occurred to the server and solve the problem
(2) To identify the cause of a problem occurred in relation to website management and solve the problem
(3) Cookie shall be used mainly for the following purpose. Please note that The Company will not, in any way, view personal information without consent or change the operating environment.
(4) To allow customers to skip entering the information they have once entered onto The Company’s website